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Why glass ?
Even though the first glass objects were either tableware or decorative, in later years glass was established as one of the major types of food and drink packaging.
There is a number of reasons which justify the superiority of glass packaging over others. Glass is:
Chemically inert,
Totally impermeable to microorganisms and oxygen,
Utterly air- and water-tight,
Will not affect the taste or aroma of the packaged product,
Preserves better than any other packaging from the humidity, the texture, the flavor and aroma of food and drinks,
Maintains high mechanical and thermal resistance,
Easily shaped,
Transparent, allowing you to see clearly what you are eating or drinking,
It communicates improved product image over any other packaging material,
Made of purely natural raw materials, and can be reused several times,
100% recyclable, and it doesn’t pollute contributing to the environment's respect and protection, and to the saving of energy,
Having either amber or green colour, it can prevent ultraviolet radiation so as to avoid the alteration of the products' contents,
It is sterilized and pasteurized, preserving the products for a long time,
It is economic, when its benefits are compared to other packaging.
Glass packaging, however, has a communicative character apart from its 'protective' role. Undoubtedly, the best way to promote a product is to give it an attractive packaging. If we want to assess the 'power' of an attractive package, we can sit for a minute and recollect on how many impulse purchases we have made because of it.
The delicate beauty of glass is abolishing: it adds value to everything is packaged into it.