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Success stories
Heineken – Athens 2004 Beer Tumbler
Celebrating the return of the Olympic Games to Greece, their birth-country, we (in YIOULA) worked hand-in-hand with HEINEKEN, to launch their new Tulip Beer Tumbler 25 cl, in an Olympic celebration version. It is a collectible tumbler decorated with the “Athens 2004” and the “Heineken Grand Sponsor” logos.
New Water Tumblers at FLOCAFE ESPRESSO BARS…
Next time you enjoy your coffee at FLOCAFE ESPRESSO BARS, you will also enjoy their new water tumblers, the outcome of a “special” co-operation of the company with YIOYLA GLASSWORKS. The tumbler is a conic-shaped one of 33 cl capacity, decorated with 3 marvellous collectible designs, which you can also find in the menu of the stores : WATER (drop), LOVE (heart), and THOUGHT (cloud).
FANTA SPLASH : Τhe cold…temptation !!!
The successful, hand-in-hand cooperation of YIOYLA GLASSWORKS with the COCA COLA GROUP, has led to the creation of a stylish, new FANTA glass bottle. We are talking about the “SPLASH” 250 ml bottle, which contains the freshness of FANTA products. Having drifted apart from the traditional soft drinks bottle shapes and incorporating the superior aesthetics of label printing directly on the bottle, FANTA SPLASH will definitely create a sensation!!!!!
The 1lt. AVRA Mineral Water Glass Bottle “dresses up” to welcome the 2004 Olympic Games to Athens. The cooperation between YIOULA Glassworks and Coca Cola Group led to the production of three unique bottles. “ Phevos” and “Athena” decorate the modern and colourful full-body sleeves, and are depicted in performing in three different Olympic Sports.
Inspired by the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, YIOULA GLASSWORKS – working hand-in-hand with the Coca Cola Group – has produced 5 collectible glass bottles of 250 ml, “adorned” with a very modern “sleeve”. Each bottle is dedicated to an Olympic Games city-host, representing the five continents through which the Olympic Torch Relay will travel : Athens, Cairo, New York, Beijing, Sydney.
For the past few years, YIOULA has been exclusively producing the IOLI Natural Mineral Water Bottles. This year, the aesthetics of the 1litre bottle are taken to yet new heights with high quality printings, inspired by artworks of famous Greek artists :

‘‘Woman Emerging from the water’’, inspired by Mr. Alekos Fasianos,

‘‘To mankind from mother-nature’’, created by Mrs. Koni Zervou, and

‘‘Hydrofilia’’ (water friendship), painted by Mr. Gabriel Chondrelis
YES! or NO?
“YES!” or “NO?” It is indeed a dilemma : which of the new, irresistible, blue and gray bottles to choose...
We are talking about the new, 270ml, Cutty Sark mixed drink bottle “Yes!” or “No?”. The modern, appealing bottle appearance along with the stimulating mixed drink inside will definitely create a sensation!
Heineken XLN
YIOULA, in close co-operation with ATHENIAN BREWERY, designed and produced a new bottle for the popular brand HEINEKEN. The new Heineken XLN, with its long and sleek neck and label printing on the bottle, upgrades the overall image of the brand. An impressive and eye-satisfying result.
EPSA Sour Cherry Drink
YIOULA presents the newest EPSA refreshment drink in a unique shrink-wrapped glass bottle. Keeping the traditional EPSA bottle shape, the new bottle creates a new sensational and modern image! The impressive packaging makes you want to keep it, even after you have savored its contents.
YIOULA's product range was enriched with two new ones: A glass milk bottle and a glass yogurt jar for MEVGAL Dairy Industry. The bottle represented a challenge to both parties, since it would be the first "come-back" of an Hellenic mass-marketed glass bottle after almost 3 decades. The result filled us all with pride and joy.

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