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Success stories
Coca Cola, Sprite and Fanta Splash ULTRA bottles
The successful, hand-in-hand cooperation of YIOYLA GLASSWORKS with the COCA COLA GROUP, has led to the production a series of new glass bottles for their soft drinks : 25cl returnable bottles called ULTRA, in flint –for Coca Cola and Fanta- and green – for sprite, and defined by their very own particular and individual shape.
Their design , but even more so, their name refer to the Ancient Greek Civilization. They are characterized by dynamic and sturdy, yet “mellow” lines.The KARYATIS range includes two pieces of stemware: one for water and one for wine that can accompany a formal dinner as well as a totally informal get-together of friends.
The wide tableware range of YIOULA GLASSWORKS products is further expanded by the production of a new series of “special” tumblers named LOTUS. The series comprises of three tumblers: Water, Juice and Ouzo/Aperitif. Their modernly simple design makes them absolutely practical ; a necessity to professionals as well as housewives.
YIOULA GLASSWORKS proudly presents the new Amita Classic glass bottle : It is a 250 ml bottle, “dressed” in a full body sleeve that comes out in four different colour variations, one for each of the fruit juices it is designed to preserve : banana, strawberry, pineapple and grape. A modern and fashionable packaging alternative intended to enhance the pleasure derived from its contents!!!
Our cold winter days and nights can now heat up with a steamy beverage, served in a LONDON glass mug.

YIOULA GLASSWORKS recently launched “LONDON” an elegant glass mug that you can find in a “plain” version or decorated with a number of trendy, fascinating coffee-related designs. LONDON promises to add more ambiance and pleasure to your relaxation moments.
Inspired by the Spirit of the Season, YIOULA GLASSWORKS introduces a series of Christmas platters and dessert plates, in six different designs and colors. Six new and festive products for every taste and personal preference. Six happy notes promising to further raise our spirits and bring brightness to our households during the holidays…
The 1 liter printed glass IOLI bottles in festive themes have become a tradition for Athenian Brewery. So, following the tradition this year again, YIOULA GLASSWORKS produced for Athenian Brewery a bottle printed with snowflakes and icy mountains, that welcomes with joy the Year 2005. Happy New Year to you all!!!
«Dashing through the snow, …» according to the familiar Christmas song…..That’s probably what the people of TUBORG ROMANIA must have been thinking when they decided to launch –in close cooperation with YIOULA GLASSWORKS- their Christmas Brew in a totally Christmas Bottle!!! The 500 ml glass bottle with its snowy sleeve is a real ornament, that will decorate appropriately all Christmas tables.
…exotic BREEZE
Breeze is a product ready to take us away…. to the most exotic places!!!. Its destination : Kenya’s market. The co-operation of YIOULA GLASSWORKS with TECHNOMATIC brought to a classic shaped bottle a “breeze” of refreshment, making it into an impressive, brightly colored bottle that will surely leave the African market of its destination speechless!
YIOULA CYPRUS working hand-in-hand with YIOULA GLASSWORKS in Hellas created 3 new products, which will have an intense presence in the Ready To Drink market. The classic flint bottles acquired a modern sleeve, that enhanced them to avant-garde products.

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