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Success stories
New Olive Oil Bottle
Introducing a new, cylindrical olive oil bottle..... A new product that comes to expand Yioula´s olive oil product range. It is flint, elegantly - shaped, with a half litre useful capacity intended to cover an expressed market need. If you are interested, contact your sales represantative !!!
FARSON’S Beer Bottle
YIOULA in co-operation with Simonds Farsons Cisk Plc. -one of the oldest and biggest breweries in Malta - proudly presents a new modern 25cl beer bottle in vivid green color, that comes to further expand the wide range of Farson’s products.
Icy Coffee – Delights !!!!!!!!!
Our popular “Frapée Coffee Tumbler” has now acquired an XL-sized sibling. The new product -that was just launched to the local and international market (who is catching up on the icy, “beaten” coffee habit)- measures a sizeable 39cl (8 more cl. than the existing one), and has already acquired enthusiastic fans!!!
Furthermore, the existing tumbler is now “accessorizing” and becoming particularly attractive, ensuring pleasurable Icy Frapée Coffee moments at home…. Its 3 new modern, coffee-related designs will most surely fascinate you!
CARLSBERG’s New Beer Tumbler
Carlsberg’s new printed Beer Tumbler was the fruit of a successful cooperation between Yioula Glassworks and ΝΑΑΜΑΝΡ Co. of Israel. The product will be offered to the Israeli market in a 2-piece Carlsberg sleeve. Cheers!
New Stemware Line : ARIADNE
When Ariadne’s ball of string traced its way … into Yioula…. 3 new pieces of stemware emerged: water (30cl) , red wine (24cl) and white wine (19cl). The 3 new products with their refined yet trendy lines and sturdy built entice us to adopt them into our everyday lives myth…
Yioula Glassworks produced three new products to be used for promotional purposes by Olympos Dairies: A tumbler and two bowls printed in their bottom. The 3 new prints all strongly suggestive of Hellenic flora will provide us with a modern touch of natural history.
Art and Glass !!!!!!!
YIOULA has recently produced -exclusively for ATHENIAN BREWERY- a new collectible Ioli 1lt bottle, to be added to the extensive series of collectibles launched in recent years. The bottle’s artwork //Nature & Life// signed by Ms. Vasso Tsonoglou was inspired by the artist especially for the “205 Artists Paint for Ioli” contest. Yet another unique bottle comes to our life, providing us with the most valuable gift of nature: the water.
AMITA news
The unique taste of Amita will be further improved in the Balkan market (more specifically Albania), where the product will be offered in a modern, avant-garde glass packaging. The new transparent (flint) bottle of 20cl capacity will create a sensation with its elegant shape and embossed patterns.

Moreover, Yioula’s current 25cl glass bottle for AMITA CLASSIC pleasantly surprises us with its new “adornments”, that combine sparkling freshness and “joie de vivre”. Put an end to ordinary, routine situations and cheer up enjoying one of the 4 new Amita Classic flavors: orange, sour cherry, strawberry or lemon.
Quench your thirst the ORGANIC way!!!!
Italian-based TROENTOFRUITA S.P.A. will soon be launching an organic soft drink, based on the mixing of Soy and Fresh Fruit Juices: SOYA FRUIT will be available in two flavors: apricot and pineapple. YIOULA’s bottle along with its full-body shrink film create great aesthetics and modern image for a new generation of natural enjoyment!
For the past two years YIOULA has been exclusively producing for ATHENIAN BREWERY the HEINEKEN XLN beer bottle. This summer the 33cl bottle aesthetics are further improved by a Heineken-logo decoration on the bottleneck. All beer lovers try not to miss it !!!

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