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Success stories
A new flint 70 cl liqueur bottle was the latest yield of a very long-lived cooperation betrween Yioula Glassworks and N. G. Kallikounis S.A. Its original shape and embossed design make it ideal to enclose its refined, gratifying content.
Two new tumblers were recently produced to further expand the UNIGLASS wide professional tableware range : a water and a whisky tumbler respectively sized at 41,5 and 23,5 cl. They are produced under the ´´Marocco Cool´´ Series name and are offered in bulk packaging (Master Carton).
«Angelic» Summer by IOLI
YIOULA GLASSWORKS recently produced one more collectible bottle for ATHENIAN BREWERY: «The Angel With A Watering Can» - an artwork inspired by Mr. Ioannis Kottis, decorates the 1 lt IOLI Mineral Water Glass Bottle. The same artwork was applied on a long-drink, 29 cl flint tumbler ; a saintly combination with stunning romantic colours, that promises to set your table.....in Heaven !!!
BATMAN BEGINS.........on your tumbler !!!
The legendary hero´s adventures come back to life through two impressive art designs printed on the whole body of our long drink, 36 cl tumblers. The BATMAN tumblers were produced for PepsiCo, with the full agreement of Warner Bros who endorsed the licensing and reproduction rights, and approved the final prints. BATMAN fans hurry up and get them! They will become extinct before you know it.
«Royal» Co-operation
The successful co-operation between U.S. -based CROWN ROYAL and YIOULA GLASSWORKS led to a sizeable export of more than 3 million tumblers to the American Continent. CROWN ROYAL selected our Disco whisky tumbler (22 cl), gracefully printed with their white logo, to promote and advertise their whisky brand.
AVRA Light Blue Bottles
AVRA Naturally Sparkling Water is considerably transformed, emerging from a new, cool and refreshing bottle. The shape of the bottle is the very same one that has been produced by YIOULA GLASSWORKS for the last few years ; the colour however, is changed from flint to misty blue : a true welcome to the summer approaching fast, from a bottle strongly reminiscent of the colours of the clear skies and the calm seas...
Shandy Rock
ATHENIAN BREWERY´S new taste proposition is here to enjoyable refresh day and night moments...SHANDY ROCK is a light drink of only 2,5% alcoholic content, which combines the unique taste of beer with the freshness of lemon. It is launched in a 33 cl non-returnable green bottle, recently manufactured by YIOULA GLASSWORKS. Let us raise our glass and cheer for good luck to the new product !!!!
Submersible Delights
ATTIKI Company selected our 35 cl Disco Water Tumbler (also available in a shorter 22 cl cersion) to package its new mastic-flavoured «submersible» dessert. Spoon-full of mastic or filled with just water, it will surely find its place in our cupboards to remind us of a nostalgic childhood summer sweetness.
Six (6) exceptional artworks by Samios, the famous Greek painter have been selected to decorate Nestle´s promotional activity for its Greek «Loumides Parrot» coffee. The designs, starkly suggestive of the ancient art of mosaics, use bright, contrasting colours on a conic-shaped 28 cl tumbler and promise added pleasure to our morning coffee enjoyment.
New PRIGAT Sleeved Bottles
PRIGAT is the Romanian leader of the juice and nectar segments ; they are being bottled and marketed by Quadrant Amrocq, the authorised bottler of PepsiCo in Romania. PRIGAT´s leading position is expected to be further enhanced by a new logo launch : «The Natural Choice», and the introduction of sleeved glass bottles in the market...These bottles represent a new development for Stirom - Bucharest as well, as they are the results of our first - time endeavour of the Press - Blow technology.

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