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Success stories
Greece is the host of the Champions League Finals; the event will take place at the Olympic Stadium on May the 23rd, 2007. Seventy two thousand football fans will be there to enjoy the game, while the broadcast will reach millions of viewers throughout the world.
Athenian Brewery fully supports the event, being its sponsor, and thus significantly contributing to its success. For the occasion a limited series Heineken beer tumbler is launched. The tumbler was produced by Yioula Glassworks S.A.; it is of 34 cl capacity and bears the beer and the event logos. We are absolutely certain that it will fascinate not only beer drinkers, but all football fans!
Sailing Away with Bravo Coffee
A world-map, a compass, and a magnificent sailboat will help us drift away, into a fantastic trip of excitement, adventure and relaxation, our Greek coffee on hand….
SARA LEE creatively invented the trip, and YIOULA GLASSWORKS dutifully materialized it, printing the trip “components” onto its water tumblers of pleasurable 28cl capacity. Dedicated to coffee lovers who appreciate delight and imagination, as well as we do!
New Food Jar for RIGONI
YIOULA GLASSWORKS, in exclusive co-operation with Italian-based TECHNO VETRO COMMERCIALE, produced a new, polygonal-shaped jar of 309 cc capacity.
The new product is intended for use by RIGONI - the award-winning Italian Food Company; RIGONI, an all-organic food producer and trader will be utilizing the new jar for its jams and pickled vegetables.
A Poetic New Year
AVRA Mineral Water continues with its HAIKU poetic tradition .Two new (Japanese-style) poems celebrated the Christmas Season and the New Year.
The two new bottles, of 100cl capacity, were materialized by Yioula in Athens. A metallic silver full-body sleeve, adorned by a branch of holly and a ripe pomegranate, “dressed-up” the bottle and conveyed wishes of prosperity and fortune for the New Year.
Significant New Relationships for NEW GLASS S.A.
NEW GLASS recently “entered” the Serbian advertising market, through its cooperation with IMLEK, the largest dairy manufacturer of the country. The conic-shaped tumblers –of 28cl capacity- were produced and printed by NEW GLASS and bore IMLEK’s logos and colors. They are intended to promote the latter’s milk and yogurt brands.
NEW GLASS also enjoys quite a presence in the Bulgarian promotional market. Recently, SIS INDUSTRIES (a leader in alcohol production and bottling in Bulgaria, boasting more than 40 different kinds of alcoholic drinks) acquired a series of advertising tumblers from NEW GLASS. The tumblers, bearing brand logos, are intended to be used for the promotional purposes of SIS.
Also Spanish-Bulgarian KFM, a leader in meat processing, commissioned NEW GLASS to produce and print a shot that will be used for a promotional activity in a super market chain.
New Glass S.A. Entrance into the Bulgarian Advertising Market
NEW GLASS S.A. is one of the youngest offspring of the Yioula Group, and the only one exclusively producing of the Tableware Market Segment. Recently NEW GLASS entered the Bulgaria Advertising Market dynamically.

The Company produced and decorated a series of tableware products for VINPROM PESHTERA, the largest spirit Company in Bulgaria. The products bearing different Peshtera names and logos prints have already enjoyed big success in the marketplace.
Classical Pleasure…
The New Tsantali Ouzo bottle resembles an Ionian Column; it was indeed inspired by Ancient Greek tradition and architecture. The bottle –of 20cl content- was produced by Yioula Glassworks S.A. exclusively for the Tsantali Wineries. Lovers of ouzo and anything reminiscent of Greece, enjoy!
Beach, Sun and ...Amstel tumbler!
The new and stylish 31 cl Amstel tumblers were inspired by the vivant colors of the Hellenic sun, seas and beaches. The inspiration came by Athenian Brewery and the realization and materialization of the concept (both in terms of production and printing) came by YIOULA.
Three Summer Wishes …
AVRA Mineral Water greeted summer with poetry. Three HAIKUS (HAIKU is a kind of Japanese Poetry) were printed on three different misty blue films, giving the AVRA bottle a totally different look. The culturally innovative idea for the transformation of the AVRA 1 liter glass bottle came from COCA COLA – HBC, and was materialized by YIOULA GLASSWORKS in the Aegaleo plant, in Athens.
New Appearance for SHANDY ROCK !!!
SHANDY ROCK was introduced to us as a new taste proposition by Athenian Brewery about a year ago. It is a light drink that combines the unique taste of beer with the freshness of lemon.

This year SHANDY ROCK got revamped in a new bottle exclusively produced by YIOULA. The bottle is light green, of 33 cl content capacity, with modern embossments and easy twist-off cap. A “rocking” bottle for a Shandy Rock(ing) Drink….

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