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Success stories
Yioula Glassworks -in Athens- produced for Serbia-based Gorki List Doo a new, 1 liter glass bottle for their synonymous bitter liqueur brand.

GORKI LIST (Bitter Leaf) is a distinctly tasted liqueur, made from the extracts of 27 aromatic herbs and plants, its main ingredient being wormwood.

The noticeable dark green colour and original shape of the bottle fully complement the softly bitter liqueur and induce to pure pleasurable moments.
New Bottle for Apatinska Pivara’s PIVO Brand
APATINSKA PIVARA AD, located in the town of Apatin in Serbia, is one of the largest breweries in the country. It was built in 1756 and has recently celebrated its 250 years in the history of beer tradition.

The brewery recently commissioned Yioula Glassworks in Greece to produce a new bottle for its PIVO brand. The bottle is green, elegantly-shaped, of 33cl capacity, and addressed to beer lovers or all age groups.
A new serving suggestion from Yioula Glassworks came to enhance the cooling, refreshing pleasure of an icy flavored Jacobs Freddo.

The conic-shaped tumbler –of 26cl capacity- is printed with the Jacobs Freddo logo, in white colors that are truly enhanced by the coffee background of the pleasurable liquid inside the tumbler
New AVRA Water Collectible Bottles
Three new 1 liter AVRA Mineral Water Bottles were recently launched; they come to join the long list of collectibles of the brand, this time to welcome the fast approaching summer season.

Once more the bottles were produced by Yioula Glassworks S.A. in Athens, who was also responsible for applying the colored sleeves on them. The magnificent summer hues of powder blue, soft lilac and light peach along with their mottos "Harmony", "Escape" and "Well-Being" urge us to enjoy summer to its fullest.
New Bottle for the SOUROTI Sparkling Mineral Water
A new bottle was produced in the Yioula Aegaleo premises for the SOUROTI Sparkling Mineral Water.

The bottle capacity is 75 cl, its color a vivid green, and its overall appeal highly connotative of the healthy mineral water it is designed to "engulf".
Athenian Brewery trusted YIOULA GLASSWORKS S.A. for the production of its novel glass bottle for AMSTEL PULSE. The bottle is transparent, fashionably-shaped, with elegant curves and partial engravings; it contains 33 cl of fluid and portrays a revolutionary, functional cap that opens easily, without needing a bottle opener.
The bottle is fully compatible with AMSTEL PULSE´s refreshingly ´´clean´´ taste and lower alcohol content (only 4,7%). That guarantees blissful, enjoyable moments. AMSTEL PULSE is dedicated to lively, dynamic, people who enjoy style and the fine things in life.
Nesquik Tumbler
Yioula Glassworks, in close cooperation with NESTLE produced a new tumbler with the logo Nesquik printed on it. The tumbler is conically-shaped, of 28cl capacity, and fully frosted, to convey coolness. The colourful printing is applied on the frosted tumbler further enhancing its overall appeal.
It seems that both younger and older fans of Nesquik have one more reason to enjoy their favourite drink.
Solan De Cabras Bottles
Yioula Glassworks in Athens, produced for Spain-based Solan de Cabras two new, glass bottles for their mineral water brand. They are cylindrical and crafted in a striking cobalt blue colour that communicates chilly, brisk enjoyment. The bottles are manufactured in two varieties, according to capacity: 50 and 100cl.
Their overall appearance and appeal will surely conquer the Spanish market and make them a success.
Freddissimo Tumbler
SARA LEE has recently launched into the Greek market a brand new, invigorating coffee splurge: Freddissimo by DOUWE EGBERTS.
The service suggestion is being introduced by Yioula Glassworks, through a promotional tumbler - of 26cl capacity and gentle, refined print - suitable to welcome the different instant espresso propositions of DOUWE EGBERTS.
Vodka Serkova
Pernod Ricard is world’s second largest group in wines and spirits. It has a large portfolio of prestigious international and national brands, one of them being Vodka Serkova.
Pernod Ricard Hellas (a.k.a. EPOM -which means Distillers’ Union of Mytilene) is the Group’s Greek counterpart. Since November 2007 their Vodka Serkova brand is produced and bottled in the Greek plant, at the island of Mytilene, and distributed world-wide. The flint-colored glass bottle –of 70cl capacity- is produced with pride in Yioula’s plant in Aegaleo, Attica.

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