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VINARIA 2007 – the most outstanding exhibition within the vine-growing and wine-producing sector in Central and South-East Europe- a UFI event, was held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria from the 28th to the 31st of March.
In this year’s event 556 companies from 35 countries joined in. The forum spanned on a larger area, in order to accommodate the growing number of exhibitors and visitors, the latter exceeding 23.000.
DRUJBA GLASSWORKS S.A. and NEW GLASS S.A. were among the most prominent participants in VINARIA 2007. Their respective stands ranked top for aesthetics, overall ambiance and functionality. Moreover, international potential clients incorporated representatives of Austria, Bulgaria, CIS, France, FYROM, Germany, Italy, Romania, Serbia and Spain.
DRUJBA GLASSWORKS was awarded an honorary diploma for its long-term excelling participation.
NEW GLASS was officially represented at the event for the very first time; it caught the attention of numerous potential clients.
The stand was visited by a governmental delegation, headed by the Bulgarian Minister of Transport, Petar Mutachief, and accompanied by the Ambassador of Greece in Bulgaria, Danae-Madeleine Koumanakou. Congratulations were attributed to Drujba Glassworks and New Glass for their overall presence.

Date : 30.04.2007