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Progress and Development in Bucha Glassworks S.A.
Βucha Glassworks S.A. based in Kiev-Ukraine, have only recently joined the YIOULA Group. It produces packaging products as well as figured glass. The Company recently achieved a 90% productivity level, managing an increase of 20%! The productivity surge is to a large extent the result of investment plans being put into effect and aiming at production modernization and upgrading.

Emphasis is also placed into the continuous enhancement of the Human Element of the Company. For this purpose, Mr. David O’Connor recently joined the Bucha Team as their Technical Consultant. Mr. O’ Connor has extensive experience in the area of glass-making, and also in the training and development of individuals. His skills and abilities have already benefited significantly other Companies within the Group, both in Greece and in Bulgaria.

Date : 05.09.2006