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Corporate Profile

YIOULA Glassworks began its operations in Greece in 1947 and, through a program of continued investment and productivity improvements, it developed into a multinational group of companies manufacturing glass containers and tableware.

Glass manufacturing operations are spread across 7 production facilities in Greece (1), Bulgaria (3), Romania (1) and Ukraine (2), operating 13 furnaces and 39 production lines. As of 2008, the total annual production capacity of the Group is more than 625.000 tons of glass containers, 30.000 tons of tableware.

Country City Company Products Furnaces Forming Lines Capacity p.a. Photo
Greece Athens Yioula Containers 1 4 100
Bulgaria Sofia Drujba Containers 1 4 95
Bulgaria Plovdiv Drujba Containers 3 10 230
Bulgaria Novi Pazar New Glass Tableware 1 5 30
Romania Bucharest Stirom Containers 2 7 115
Ukraine Kiev Bucha Containers 2 4 80
Ukraine Zhytomir Biomedsklo Containers 1 2 40

Yioula is the leading supplier of glass containers in the Balkan area, a principal supplier of glass tableware in Greece and Romania. The Company produces more than 1,600 different glass container and glass tableware products.

Yioula Overview

Glass Containers
• Broad range of glass bottles and jars in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and weights.
• Principal Supplier in its core markets to many leading European and global food and beverage manufacturers.

Glass Tableware
• Products range from tumblers, pitchers, decanters, plates, bowls, ashtrays, salt and pepper shakers and oil and vinegar sets.
• Principal Supplier to retail and commercial customers in the Balkan Area.