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YIOULA's history begins a long time ago, when Mr. Kyriakos Voulgarakis and his brother Mr. John Voulgarakis decided to establish a company in 1947. Its principal activity was the manufacturing of handmade glass tableware products. The main components of its structure were traditional 'artistry' (since Mr. Kyriakos Voulgarakis was a glass-blower craftsman) and a small furnace. In 1947, the company was only one out of fifty (50) producing hand-blown glass in Hellas.
1958 YIOULA was incorporated (S.A.) with an initial share capital of € 35,950 while its personnel exceeded the 1,000 persons.
1969 Automization of production has started; however, part of it remains traditional (hand-blown glass).
1974 Following an ambitious investment plan in the technological and mechanical sectors, the company achieved a 100% increase in production capacity. Emphasis is now given on the production of glass containers for the food and drinks packaging industries.
1974-1980 Constant investment and technological improvements. Focus shifts on continuous human resources training and management team upgrading. YIOULA's ascend in the glass market continues fast and its market share is constantly increasing.
1981 A new 200-ton-per-day glass-melting furnace is inaugurated.
1985 For the first time since its establishment, YIOULA is the market leader; its annual turnover surpasses that of any other competitor. From 1985 until 1986, the hand-blown glass production ceases gradually and shifts to full production automization.
1993 YIOULA acquires CRONOS GLASSWORKS S.A. which manufactures glass tableware (glasses, vases, jugs, ashtrays, etc).
1997 Having stabilized its leading presence into the Hellenic market, YIOULA now expands to the Balkan region by acquiring STIND A.D., a Bulgarian glass production factory based in Sofia.
1998 Acquisition of another Bulgarian industry, DRUJBA A.D., situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
2002 A new commercial company is established in Bucharest, under the name YIOULA ROMANIA.
Trade co-operation with GLASS CONTAINER COMPANY OF MOLDOVA in terms of promotion and distribution of the group products to the markets of Moldova and Ukraine.
2003 YIOULA's production presence expands even more to the Balkan region, after the acquisition of STIROM S.A. one of the biggest glass industries in the area.
The two Bulgarian companies are merged into one, under the name DRUJBA S.A., aiming at improved productivity, synergies and economies of scale.
Following the same philosophy, the two Hellenic companies, YIOULA and CRONOS are merged, under the common name YIOULA GLASSWORKS S.A.
2004 A "newcomer" is welcomed to the Group: New Glass S.A., that was part of the previous KITKA industrial territory. Based in Novi Pazaar, Bulgaria, NEW GLASS will be exclusively producing for the Tableware Market Segment.
2005 Acquisition of BIOMESDKLO a Ukrainian Company based in Zhitomir. BIOMEDSKLO produces glass containers (bottles and jars), and also pharmaceutical glass (vials, ampouls, ...)
Few months further one, another Ukrainian Company comes to join the big Yioula Family. BUCHA GLASSWORKS S.A. is based in the Bucha region of Kiev and specializes in the production of glass containers and figured/textured glass.