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Since its foundation, New Glass had been part of a bigger industrial manufacture territory which also consisted of a porcelain production factory, and two hand-made glassware production facilities. All of them shared the name KITΚA, and were owned by the Bulgarian state.
1919 The workshop establishing the grounds of Kitka plant was founded. Its initial production entailed faience tiles.
1943 The first furnace aimed at glassware production was put into operation.
1946 For the fist time ever, automatic production of glassware was initiated (with a Kiko machine).
1961 Τhe first workshop for glass bottles was established in the plant.
1972 A production upgrading process begun with the installation of 5 automated (U-8) machines for bottle production.
1998 The economical situation in Bulgaria imposed a declaration of bankruptcy for Kitka JSC.
2000 Part of the enterprise was sold to Serres Glass JSC.
2005 The plant was acquired by Yioula Glassworks S.A, under the name New Glass S.A. Significant investment plans have been implemented with the purpose of upgrading and modernizing the production lines.
2006 A new glass melting furnace was put in operation, its annual production capacity surpassing the 100 million tableware pieces per annum.